A DIY Website? Really?

A lot of people love DIY: Do-It-Yourself curtains, DIY accessories, DIY furniture, even DIY HOMES. But do you know that you can actually have a DIY online marketing campaign? How about DIY graphic design? Or even a DIY website?


DIY Online Marketing Campaign.


You need to get the word out about your business, product, or event, but you only have a small budget for marketing. So, you print your own flyers and you make your own business cards. But aside from that, what else can you do? How about get the word out on Facebook, Twitter, and even on YouTube and Instagram? These websites are free to use, and if you’re pretty familiar with your computer, and have a knack for learning new software, then you can do this yourself.

Online Marketing


DIY Graphic Design.


Every computer comes with that nifty drawing program, Paint. But do you know that nowadays, there are drag-and-drop software that can help you create new graphic designs, for free? So if you don’t have the budget for a web designer, you can use any of these tools:


DIY Website.


Do you know that you can create and set up a new website with just a few clicks? You can just buy a domain and then link it up to any of these FREE website platforms:

Now that we’ve shown you that you can actually create awesome work by yourself, and even promote your work and your business all on your own, you can go off and get the word out about your business, your products, your events, and even yourself.

But what if you’re not all that tech savvy, and you don’t even know what to do with all these links we shared? Then let us help you. Saved Layers can help you stop scratching your head, and get you on your way to creating online properties, online channels and even online marketing campaigns that work. Contact us here!